Mountain City travel guides for casual travelers visiting Kathmandu

Mountain City travel guides- Nepal is known for trekking and expeditions in the Himalayas, including trips to Everest Base Camp. It is a great place for nature lovers who want to have a hard time and get away from the city jungle. For those who take an interest in Mountain City travel guides seeing snow-cap mountain city travel guides right in front of your face and stepping out of the comfort zone of the western world, few places on this planet will offer as much as Nepal. Tourism and travel

But a visitor does not have to have the complete list of mountain equipment, three weeks’ vacation to go in the Mountain City travel guides, or the constitution for alpine sports to enjoy Nepal. It is easy to visit for a few days, take lots of great pictures, experience the culture and shop well. This short city guide will tell you how to enjoy Kathmandu with Mountain City travel guides and the surrounding valley in four to five days.


Places to visit and activities – Mountain City travel guides

Spend your first two days receiving to distinguish the city of Kathmandu. You will notice that Nepalese live and work around ancient places, so you will see children playing and people leaning on monuments from the 6th century. The temples and historical monuments are a part of their daily lives with Mountain City travel guides and are not screen as in many other countries.

Durbar Square is the heart of historic Kathmandu, and it was here that the ancient kings ruled. Many Nepalese now shop and spend time relaxing on temple stairs. Several rooftop cafes and restaurants around the edges give visitors panoramic views of the square, so a cup of traditional Nepalese tea recommends the Mountain City travel guides at one of these places. There are some Buddhist and Hindu temples and historical sites north and northeast of the square, and most of them can be seen within a three to four-hour window. When you travel between these places, you will be able to look at the shop windows and see how many urban Nepalese spend their days at Mountain City travel guides.

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Shopping – Mountain City Travel Guides

Each major temple and Durbar square is surrounds by vendors selling all sorts of accessories that attract tourists such as scarves, bronze statues, works of art such as Thangka paintings, and handmade clothing, all at low prices by Western standards. However, be prepares to negotiate if you want an even better deal, as the prices that providers will first tell you are highly inflate with Mountain City travel guides. A smart buyer who is willing to negotiate can usually get around a third of the price. Just be aware that a few dollars will mean a lot more to a Nepalese than it does to you.

Getting Around – Mountain City Travel Guides

Be prepare for the battle march in Kathmandu. There are few sidewalks so you literally have to push motorcycles, cars, tractors, pedestrians, and carriages as you walk down every street. However, walking is really the best way to see and experience Kathmandu, so regardless of the danger; it is still recommends by the Mountain City travel guides. Another option is to pay tribute to a taxi. These are small white Suzuki Maruti hatchbacks. They have gauges, but drivers do not like to use them, so set a price before you start driving with Mountain City travel guides. Usually, a hundred rupees (just over a US dollar) is enough for a single trip in Kathmandu if you haggle. Whether you are walking or taking a taxi, be patient and take more time than you think you need to get from one point to another.

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